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  1. sN1P3Rxb3AsT1257 says:

    I actually was considering buying the 6th Gen Ipod Touch but just to use it for music and or use it for FaceTime but I do have a smartphone. It would be a very handy thing to use if you want to just use the Ipod instead of using your smartphone for music. But yea you are right, in 2019, I don't see how someone would want to buy it considering almost all of us have smartphones in this generation.

  2. Nat0ri0us says:

    Honestly I thought this was a joke at first. So I checked the date but it wasn't uploaded on April 1st..

  3. PlaceboTree says:

    I just lost my ipod touch (late model) this is actually pretty good timing for me to get a new one.

  4. Alias Alias says:

    This is my favorite apple product I just see so much potential for this and have thought this way ever since the 4 i want to get one so I can use my phone app to get a phone number to call text voicemails etc wherever there’s WiFi which is basically everywhere now so it’s a money saver since I wouldn’t have a phone bill and I don’t just use the WiFi capabilities on my current iPhone to do that because I can flip it sell it for more than an iPod touch costs

  5. Sr. Torres Strong says:

    A trillion dollar company treading lightly on upgrades…. imma need Steve to come back

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