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  1. Autumn Spring says:

    Head's up for those of you considering an Ipod Touch 6th generation. I've seen all over the internet that the battery on these SUCK! They last maybe 4 hours at a time. Maybe more if you aren't using it much. I just got one and it charged up really fast to 100% but it died within about 4 hours. I was using the whole time though LOL. But I wasn't playing videos or music. I wasn't even playing games on it, but I was on Wifi and shopping at the App store and playing with productivity apps! LOL! Yea very productive.

  2. Trish Schmidt says:

    I'm a bit confused. Whenever we get the Ipod from the store it comes partially charged, no? So, shouldn't we use up the battery to 10% before charging it? Or should we charge it as soon as we open up the ipod?

  3. Abrar Afzal says:

    whenever i open my i tune store it says open itune u app but the app is not getting install on same i pod what i can do?

  4. Kpop_edits And sade_dits says:

    I just saw an Ipod Touch while I was finding a new iphone

    Im waiting if I have high grades

  5. Abir Raoud says:

    So I brought an iPod touch from another person , and that person used thiere apple id to set up .and now it is locked , please what should I do ? :/

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