is Apple OSX compatible with PCs?

Apple OSX Dave L asked:

Because Apple decided to use Intel chips they are now able to have Windows installed as a secondary OS, but can OSX be installed as a secondary OS in a PC?

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  1. sup3r.dup3r says:

    Sort of yes. It has to be hacked a bit but it will run. Oh yeah, it’s illegal I think so just buy a mac if you want to run OSx. It’s also a bit slower on a regular Intel.

  2. RAM says:

    Yes, but it’s a hack and it’s run virtually. Apple actually advertises running XP or Vista on their platform however.

  3. Noneya Dambiz says:

    Technically… no.

    Actually? Maybe.

    Well, certain people have been discussing this since the announcement of the move to Intel Chips… here is a link that will get you to two sources of information by said group….

    I would just get a mac though, if you like the OS, you’ll like the whole package of integrated software/hardware even more.

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