Is it possible to play pc computer games on a Mac?

Mac Games John M asked:

I’ve been a PC user for a long time but really hate a lot of the problems I have to wade thru every few months with Windows. I’m thinking of moving over to Mac, but one of the main things I do with my PC is play games (yes, not the best use of technology I know but what can I say). Can games made for PC use be used on a Mac?

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  1. dewcoons says:

    So buy one of the new MACs with the Intel processor, and set up a dual boot. Install Windows on the second partition. Then you can use the MAC for all the things MACs are best at, but then reboot into Windows to paly your games.

    No, you can not run the games under the MAC OS. You have to be running Windows to play the PC games.

  2. hunterrose30 says:

    You can run Windows on a Mac using various software: VMware, Boot Camp or Parallels.
    Install one of these programs on the Mac, then install Windows. It is pretty easy to do, I just did it yesterday for someone at work. I think Boot Camp is native to the system but requires you to boot into the Mac or PC OS, whereas Parallels and VMWare will let you run the PC OS while the Mac OS is running as well.
    Once installed, install your games and you should be fine.

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