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  1. ComputerTutorialsFre says:

    They basically revived the iPad Air 1 same crappy screen with the air gap but just with a fingerprint scanner and some new internals the iPad Air 2 screen is much better than this one as its laminated hence i upgraded from the air 2 to the pro. That 2018 iPad screen would be taking a major step back its more of a downgrade from the Air 2

  2. LyleTrek says:

    Here in the Philippines the IPAD 9.7 6th gen 2018 being sold only includes 10W and not 12 W of power adapter?

  3. YeBoii says:

    I don’t think a 2018 iPad is worth it. I’m using a 3rd Generation iPad mini (iPad mini 3) and it still can update to the most modern OS. But I got ripped off it. I don’t buy it online. I bought it from my stepdad. I’ve had this iPad mini for around 2 years but I still had to pay £250, which is roughly around $270-$300 which absolutely sucks. But it still can do daily tasks but it can’t run fortnite, considering it only has 1GB of ram. You can get an iPad mini 3 for around £150 ($180), which is not too bad. I just recommend getting an iPad like I have.

  4. Cerystal Gaming says:

    Just buy a Samsung galaxy 2, I use it for drawing sense it has pressure sensitivity and it's quite big. Also you can make the pen bigger by putting it inside of an eraser dispenser. Like of now it's about 100 dollars. So, not 400 dollars from the iPad and the Apple pencil combined…

    And I just us a blackweb foldable Bluetooth keyboard and a blackweb stylus pen with primetime at&t 10 inch tablet, so all combined would be about 240 dollars… And just the iPad is 300 dollars :v

  5. Ti Ko says:

    should I get the 2017 iPad pro or wait for the next version? I mostly need it for reading and taking notes, watching videos…

  6. Patrick Thayer says:

    Austin…when you say "Hey guys this is Austin"…you sound like the guy who didn't get the message to stop calling my sister

  7. ItzEntoX says:

    Worst iPad ever has a display from 2012 really it really is trash never buy it you will regret it .

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