Is The Apple Car A Computer On Wheels?

News about Apple’s rumored car initiative has taken a back seat to Apple’s Vision Pro, now the big focus of Apple’s next big thing.

Even though the rumor mills have been quiet about any new developments surrounding an Apple car, there have been reports that Apple is still building up the team with the charter to create what could be Apple’s entry into smart cars.

Notice I did not call it an “electric car.” Any Apple car would have to be an electric car to be competitive. But that is just a body framework issue.

I have been highly skeptical that Apple would enter the auto market since rumors first came out about this idea way back in 2015.

However, in the last five years, more and more leaks related to what is known as Project Titan, Apple’s car concept, appear to have life and are still a work in progress.

The folks at Axios recently got a demo of a new concept car called the AFEELA, a joint project by Sony and Honda. Here is a short excerpt from that article that I believe may be a similar concept behind an Apple car initiative:

“A new prototype car from Sony and Honda under the brand name “AFEELA” might be the best example of what people mean when they say cars are becoming “computers on wheels.”

  • Yes, it’s a handsome electric car — but more crucially, it’s an enticing new platform for Sony’s tech and entertainment products, including AI, augmented reality and virtual reality.
  • The Sony-Honda joint venture behind the AFEELA brand, called Sony Honda Mobility, plans to start taking orders in 2025, with U.S. deliveries set to begin in 2026.
  • The car could come with a gaming console (no remote connection needed), while passengers in the front and back seats could watch movies on their own or synchronized.
  • Facial recognition unlocks the car and opens the door.
  • Speakers in the seat, headrest, doors and dashboard offer an immersive 360-degree audio experience that you can literally feel. The music pumps through the seat and the movie’s sound effects surround you as Spidey swings through city buildings on the car’s dashboard…