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  1. Madi Snacksalot says:

    Will people stop saying headphone jacks are so old? Just because the newest devices don't have them does NOT mean they are old. It's getting incredibly annoying!

  2. Camille Hicks says:

    I love my iPod and use it every day for music, videos, podcasts.. Even though I have a iPhone X and iPad Pro .

  3. Star light says:

    I used to have it but I changed to a iPhone 6… I use my iPod for editing and listening to music!

  4. Vedant C says:

    I use a iPod Touch right now and it works perfectly fine. There is the occasional lag but other wise it is great. I would recommend this product

  5. 96GamerTech101 Channel says:

    My iPod Touch 6 is damaged and running iOS 12 Beta 4 just fine but not great.

  6. Jeremy Hunter says:

    I have an iPod 6th Generation because I don't want to have music on my iPhone. Two separate things.

  7. alianwar khan says:

    Where is jailbreak tweaks. ? I personally subscribe this channel for jailbreak tweaks only and you completely STOP posting videos I subscribe for

  8. Jonathan Blandon says:

    There’s literally no reason to get a iPod Touch iPhone can be used for music now.

  9. AlphaMax says:

    I don't think hardly anyone really uses the phone app anymore, I usually call with FB Messenger on my android phone.

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