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  1. krabby Patty hoe says:

    Honestly I hate iPhones because of the release dates. My birthday is in September and after I get a new phone a new phone comes out

  2. Aeriz Imran says:

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  3. Jason Smith says:

    I'm through with iPhone. USB-C would be better. I'm surprised she mentioned that. I'm tired of iPhone not charging. Device not supported crap and the hundred fixes online that doesn't work.

  4. Randall_ATL says:

    As a samsung user y'all really got battery issues even she got a super battery on her Iphone X

  5. Bill xu says:

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  6. Larry Alexander says:

    Apple needs to add better sound and make better head phones in the box also could use better lighting in the sun. Someting the iphone heat up a little and sometines lags. Bake carmara needs a little work. Fast charging in the box if its going to be expecive.

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