is windows the most common operating system for handphone? i know iphone use osx(apple) but what do other use?

Apple OSX sapient45 asked:

can you give me a percentage….if you know any links would be great.


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  1. jon f says:

    first of all the iphone will use os 10…

    second of all most commercial cellphones dont run windows..
    they run their own mini operating systems.

    third of all- most phones that business people have either microsoft or it can run linux.

  2. EQ says:

    “The most common operating systems (OS) used by smartphones are Symbian, Linux, Windows Mobile (Which is an extension of Windows CE designed for Pocket PC, and developed by Microsoft), and Palm OS (developed by Access (fka PalmSource)).

    In 2005 Microsoft released the new version of its operating system Windows Mobile 5.0.

    On January 9, 2007 Apple announced the iPhone based on OS X to be released in June 2007…

    …In 2005, LinuxDevices published actual sales numbers for smartphones in Q1 2005 [4] from Gartner. These ranked Symbian with 76.2% of the smartphone market, Linux with 13.7%, Palm OS with 4.6%, and Windows Mobile with 4.5% and RIM 1%.”

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