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  1. Craig S. Sanders says:

    Good for you Donavon! Be phone agnostic. I bought an iPhone SE and iPad Air 2. They're very good! Is the grass greener on the other side? Nope …just more grass!

  2. Phone Phone says:

    I enjoy both platforms. Daily driver is the iPhone 6s plus. Secondary backup phone is the Alcatel idol 4. No need for latest and greatest especially if the fill the need. Also nice to give credit where credit is due. Both bring interesting and fun experiences to the table.

  3. Al Has says:

    Considering you got the EarPods, I was wondering whether you're planning on reviewing the Sony WF-1000X. I'm really interested in them, and you're the only person I know who doesn't shill lol

  4. Reggie U. says:

    Why stop there?? Go all in with a MacBook Pro touchbar lol. Truth be told I had a similar experience with a series 2 and 8 plus. Itching for some AirPods.

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