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John Paul Mac Isaac.

John Paul Mac Isaac is a Delaware computer repair shop owner who says he was given Hunter Biden’s damaged MacBook laptop and then turned it over to the FBI and later to a lawyer for former New York City mayor and Trump-ally Rudy Giuliani. The contents of the computer’s hard drive is at the center of a disputed New York Post report about Biden and his father, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The report accuses Hunter Biden of setting up a meeting between a Ukrainian business partner and his father while Joe Biden was vice president. The Biden campaign has denied any wrongdoing and said the meeting mentioned in an email supposedly found on his son’s hard drive never happened, according to Politico. The Post report sparked controversy after Twitter blocked users from sharing a link to it and Facebook limited its ability to reach users. According to The Post, the hard drive found in the laptop brought to Mac Isaac’s shop also had photos of Hunter Biden in compromising positions.

Mac Isaac is a Trump supporter, according to his social media posts and comments to reporters. He was tracked down by reporters after he gave The Post a copy of what he claims was a subpoena to appear in federal court in December 2019 for a grand jury hearing related to the MacBook. It has not been confirmed that the document he gave to The Post is related to Hunter Biden or the laptop Mac Isaac says was brought to his store. The metadata in the photo of the subpoena shows it was taken at Mac Isaac’s computer repair shop, Business Insider reported.

Here’s what you need to know about John Paul Mac Isaac:

1. Mac Isaac Told Reporters He Has Been ‘Pretty Vocal About Not Wanting to Get Murdered,’ Which Is Why He Made a Copy of the Supposed Hard Drive From Hunter Biden’s MacBook

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GettyHunter Biden.

Mac Isaac, a 44-year-old Wilmington resident who owns The Mac Shop, told The Daily Beast he didn’t actually see the former vice president’s son drop the MacBook off at his repair shop in April 2019, but he thought it was his because it had a Beau Biden…