Leaving Apple for Windows after 10 Years… This Happened..

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  1. Tomer Fooks says:

    Got a Purple MacBook? You Can Waste Another $700 Fixing It, Or JOIN OUR PETITION And Make Apple Take Responsibility For Their New, Faulty MacBooks. It's Time To Act Together: https://purplemacbook.com/

    So, After owning MacBook Pro 15″ 2012 for a few years (loved it), and a bunch of other products (Apple Watch, MacBook Air, iPhone), I’ve decided to invest my earning in the new Macbook Pro 15″ 2017 with TouchBar.

    What a stupid decision it was…

    Because after a year, The screen suddenly showed vertical purple lines all over the screen, Just like that.

    I protected and cared for this faulty laptop, and even though it NEVER fell or got any physical damage (No bumps or even scratches) – It got the purple screen lines disease.

    My warranty/coverage was expired few weeks before the vertical purple lines occurred on my screen.

    So, I did what every Apple customer will do. I went to the nearest Apple store and asked for help.

    You can guess what they’ve told me (they probably said the same to you) – Your warranty is expired, there is nothing we can do. Replacing the screen is your only option, and it costs around $800.

    Go ahead and help us bring justice and dignity back.

  2. Zeh Palhares says:

    another broken heart of an apple fanboy/youtuber that just discover the wheel ! UAHuahAUHUHuhaUHUAhuhaUHAhAQU

  3. Florian Lion says:

    That's sort of kind of interesting: you dislike BMW – you also dislike Mac.
    And I understand that.
    But actually… no.

    Why do people not understand this: Mac is not for things getting done.
    Windows is for things getting done.
    Mac is ment to help you with your work as much as possible to get concepts on the paper.

  4. Sujan Roy says:

    it's the problem with usa only . usa is fucked up on 'ecosystem' which they can't escape . except us , in every other country apple is screwed . no one buys ish*ts in europe or asia . windows have so much more software and game support . plus a true creator cant work without nvidia cards . windows laptops are so much powerful for equivalent price. imessage is just an barrier made by apple to keep isheeps in the 'ecosystem' garden . just see iphone and mac sales . they are declining everywhere except usa . it is due to cupertino fanboy developers like u ios are still alive . developers elsewhere are increasingly targeting android first. for $6k i can get a threadripper 16 core ,64gb ram , rtx 2080ti and 2tb ssd . Only idiots with 0iq will buy a rx580 ,16gb and 8 core cpu mac for 6k .u just Marry tim cook .

  5. soju69jinro says:

    windows 10 now have linux command line
    your laptop doesn't get imessage? well, go to icloud site, log into your account and then use imessage. you can do this with any OS.

  6. Damien Lobb says:

    Most your problems are with Apple's shitty closed system. They could easily allow iTunes on PC to receive iMessages or AirDrop. No, they want you to regret leaving your shitty outdated hardware. And I get it. It's because it's the only way they'll keep most their customers. It's the same reason they only allow the HomePod to work properly with Apple Music. But fuck them. My iOS friends can go fuck themselves if they don't want to message a green bubble. Cunts.

  7. xXuidmod says:

    Windows laptops are faster, easily. They have the best keyboard, best build quality, more capable os, best speakers, best battery life. The Mac has a half eaten apple on the back.

  8. xXuidmod says:

    This is depressing to watch. There is a fix to literally everything he said that’s a real problem.

  9. Martín Balzarini says:

    Without imessage no one wants to talk to you? What? That's the most ridiculous and biased comment I've heard on a video. It's not Razer's problem, it's not Windows problem, you're the one that can't leave apple, and that's fine, just own it.

  10. HighHeels&Beards says:

    I’m not sure how you can call yourself a software developer in 2019 without knowing about Docker containers… where your software runs exactly the same on any OS… Mac and Linux compatibility vs Windows is not a good excuse these days.

  11. Al Borland says:

    Mac or Windows everyone interested in computers should look up the history of the computer itself. The development was essentially just a huge collaboration between Apple and Xerox.

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