Lightning won’t work on iPhone 15 customers will be told


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USB-C to Lightning cable

A new social media post has dramatically exclaimed that Apple employees will tell customers that Lightning charging cables aren’t going to work with the iPhone 15. This is completely true, of course, and should be expected.

If you read AppleInsider, you’ve known that USB-C coming to iPhone was inevitable. If you didn’t catch that when it first came to the 2015 MacBook and then was the only port on the 2016 MacBook Pro when it went Thunderbolt 3 across the board, you figured it out when it was made clear that Apple was heavily involved in developing the USB-C spec.

And if you missed all of those, the port coming to the iPad Pro, then the iPad Air, mini, and lower-end iPad surely showed you.

Even so, that point may not be completely clear to the wider base of iPhone 15 buyers, who may not have bought an iPhone since the iPhone 6. And, unsurprisingly, Apple is instructing its salespeople and Apple Store employees that they may need to educate customers on the topic.

USB-C cables rumored to come with the iPhone 15 [X/@KosutamiSan]

USB-C cables rumored to come with the iPhone 15 [X/@KosutamiSan]

According to a “leak” by yeux1122, staff have been told to make sure iPhone 15 buyers have what they need to charge the iPhone 15. The leaker says employees are being reminded that existing Lightning cables won’t work, and USB-A charging adapters can’t be used. This is true with the cable that comes in the box, but untrue when you consider that USB-A to USB-C cables are plentiful.

The post says that Apple employees should recommend one of many USB-C adapters that Apple sells. And of course, MagSafe will still work.

We’ve spoken with a few Apple Retail employees this morning. While it is true that they are being reminded to tell customers about the differences between USB-C and Lightning, as they have been since the iPad Pro first shipped with it years ago, the claims that they are being harangued to sell USB-C peripherals are false.

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