Lion migration: Check for printing issues

As with every other part of your workflow, it’s important to check printing and printing configs before making the migration to Mac OS X Lion.

I was checking Lloyd Chambers’ DigiLloyd blog for professional photographers, where he posted that he was having serious problems printing with his 17-inch, 8-channel Epson Stylus Pro 3800 inkjet printer.

On both my Mac Pros running OS X Lion 10.7.1, I cannot print to my Epson Stylus Pro 3800 professional printer.

I have deleted the printer setup and redone it, I have reinstalled the Epson software (which appears moribund in its maintenance), etc. No luck, and nothing in the system log to explain it. My Epson Workforce 840 prints just fine under Lion.

As Chambers suggests later in his post, it’s important to check every part of your workflow, including printing. And don’t just run a draft print job and expect everything to work fine; some particular setting in the driver could be impaired.

Just the other day, I noticed a printing-related update on the Apple Support site about resetting the Printing System. It covers Lion as well as previous Mac OS versions to Tiger. I’ve never had the occasion to do this reset and it was interesting reading.

It’s a drastic operation. The Reset Printing System command deletes all queues and jobs, resets all printer settings to their default by deleting configuration files, and performs a permissions check on the /tmp directory.

Of course, what this means is that printers and fax modems that were added to the Print and Fax pref will be gone. In Lion, the printer pref adds scanners, which will also disappear. You will have to add them all again and reconfigure any settings.

It’s the usual “hidden” trick with the Option key to invoke the operation.

To use the Reset Printing System function in Lion, follow these steps:

1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
2. Choose Print & Scan from the View menu.
3. Hold down the Option key while clicking the “-” (Remove printer) button. If no printers are currently added, hold down the Control key while clicking in the box that appears above the “+” (Add printer) button, then choose Reset printing system… from the contextual menu.

It might be good to have already downloaded the latest versions of the printer driver software beforehand. Of course, if you’re at this stage, you’ve likely downloaded them twice.

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