Lion Server’s Windows file-sharing bug may be an unwelcome guest from Snow Leopard

A reported file-sharing issue with Lion Server could be something new or a continuing problem from Snow Leopard, suggests John Rizzo, owner of the MacWindows site and author of Lion Server for Dummies.

Rizzo points to the similarities between the Lion flavor and the Snow Leopard version.

This might be the same bug seen in Snow Leopard as well, or a variation. The workaround was to turn off extended attributes by editing (or adding) the /etc/nsmb.conf file, and including the line: [default]streams=no

It was hard to know whether Rizzo has the key to the problem based on the discussion on the Mac OS X Server list I described in the earlier post. There were multiple threads that suggested several different but related issues.

For those interested in the handling of the extended attribute interface and the named-stream interface, Rizzo offered a explanation from a post by Anton Altaparmakov on the Darwin Kernel list.

The NTFS driver on Mac OS X will automatically store the resource fork in appropriate NTFS named stream. The name and syntax are stored in a 100 percent compatible way with the Services For Macintosh available on Windows to provide compatibility on that front as well.

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