Security Breech – Locking up the iPhone

Lock em up or else

The iPhone has several in-transit data security options, but it’s not designed to be a device that securely handles data as it enters and leaves the operating system. So far, the iPhone appears to be very well designed for securing data that’s already on it, but what’s a networked communications device without communications?

With millions of iPhone users hitting the streets and hotspots in the next few months, there’s a high degree of concern over whether they will be able to keep their data from the hands of the many crackers and sniffers out there who routinely grab any login information or other personal data that passes over these networks.

What the iPhone reveals

* E-mail passwords for unprotected accounts
* The contents of e-mail sent or received from unprotected accounts
* The contents of e-mail pushed to the iPhone by Yahoo! Mail
* Unencrypted Web page contents—typically anything not involving e-commerce or banking
* The list of stocks followed in the Stocks widget
* Map information requested with the Maps widget


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