Looking into the jury foreman in the Apple/Samsung case

Looks like Samsung is trying to argue that jury foreman Velvin Hogan may not have been as forthright as he should have been during the initial questioning given to prospective Jury members.

Specifically, Samsung claims that Hogan withheld information pertaining to a lawsuit he was involved in with Seagate, one that ultimately led to him filing for bankruptcy.

A hearing is scheduled for early December 2012.

Koh’s order reads in part:

On October 30, 2012, Samsung filed a motion to compel Apple to disclose the circumstances and timing of Apple’s discovery of certain information regarding the jury foreperson. On November 2, 2012, Apple filed an opposition. At the December 6, 2012 hearing, the Court will consider the questions of whether the jury foreperson concealed information during voir dire, whether any concealed information was material, and whether any concealment constituted misconduct. An assessment of such issues is intertwined with the question of whether and when Apple had a duty to disclose the circumstances and timing of its discovery of information about the foreperson.

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