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  1. Brad K says:

    I just lol when I see that part of the video where you drag it to the trash can and cringe lol.. Thats why I love these videos. Keep up the great work @Trisha Hershberger

  2. Vicki Sosa says:

    Thanks for tips.. question now is, once ejected, how may I use the usb to retreive files from it. It doesn't show up when inserted in the drive. TIA

  3. emilygrae says:

    It's been impossible to drag an ejectable drive to the trash for years. As soon as you start dragging the disks icon, the trash icon turns into an eject icon. As shown in this very video.

  4. EP SAMAD says:

    Can I disconnect my pendrive by dragging it out from the slot without clicking 'eject' to get simple and speed action?
    While we have urgency..

  5. Mauro says:

    Which pendrive or external drive do you recommend for a MacBook Pro for high speed and capacity? Does HyperX offer anything big storage option with USB-C?

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