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  1. Keith Hill says:

    Hi Anson
    You make very easy to understand videos and I appreciate that. What I do need help with is Keyboard Shortcuts when my wireless mouse is not recognized. Example, how do you use the keyboard to bring up Bluetooth to discover the mouse. Thanks.

  2. REAP3RUSA says:

    Thank you from a new mac user. The part I like the most is the comparison with window so I can relate to it and have better understanding.

  3. sparklemonica says:

    You have really explained it so well in so simple manner. Thank you very very much. I found your fantastic presentation extremely helpful. Thank you

  4. Julie Lippo says:

    Okay here is the scenario… I am trying to share a consumer flyer its in pdf format.. it is all white …. meaning it wont let me share it and its something i should be able to share.. how do i fix this problem

  5. Mary Ann Jones says:

    This is an EXCELLENT tutorial. Fast paced enough to keep you interested. Thank you, Alex!

  6. jmmoore81 says:

    Thanks. I need help with the apps for work. Will look at your comments below to find what I need. Thanks again.

  7. Basheer Kareem says:

    i have mac A1706 EMC 3163 i installed windows 10 on that mac and i tried connect vpn through windows 10 but i could not done. how to do vpn connection in windows 10 on mac A1702

  8. witchesbru67 says:

    Excellent!….Just what I was looking for. I just received my first Mac. This was so helpful. You did a fantastic job!

  9. Mya Williams says:

    I am trying to set up a software update on my computer so that I can play games and listen to music

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