MAC USERS: Is there a way to play computer games on Mac without the CD?

Mac Games ßµ®ΩiΩg♥£•√∑ asked:

At my school, we have tons of Macs, and they have lots of computer games you can play on them after school, and I relize the actual game CD isnt actual in the computer.

Can I do that on my Mac? How? What do I need? How much will it cost?

P.S. Somebody told me you need something called a crack? If thats true, what is it and how much does it cost?

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  1. Mr. User says:

    This is a simple question to answer:
    Some games can be installed and played without a CD, but some games still require the CD to be in the computer.

    A crack is a Disk Image File that when opened on your computer, it stimulates a CD that has been mounted. Cracks allow games that require a CD to run without the CD.

    Because of this, cracks can be used to run games without actually having the real, physical CD, so it may be against the law, possibly even if you own the game, but this is only my assumption.

    Cracks can be found around the net, meaning that they are free, but probably not legal. Your decision to find and use cracks are up to you.

  2. cc_of_0z says:

    Sure can. Use Roxio Toast to burn the CD to a Disk Image file (byte for byte copy). When you want to play the game, Mount the Image. Far as the Mac is concerned, once mounted it has the real thing available.
    The only drawback is the amount of Hard drive space required. (remember don’t pirate software, only use the program on once computer at at time).

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