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  1. LimitGTX says:

    Great video and good points, personal I prefer MacBook and iPhone Plus combo as i prefer the more portable and versatile aspects of them over a iMac and iPad.

  2. Kenneth Lhamon says:

    Just to let you know been watching your videos and now I am starting to be an Apple person I now have an iPhone and an iPad Pro 9.7

  3. Arman Hassan says:

    I have tried using my iPad and my desktop as my main things for school and the iPad can almost do everything. The iPad is much better for notes and books, but it is very hard to make presentations and to type things like essays. I honestly think you would be better off getting a refurbished Mac and a 2018 iPad

  4. angel says:

    I used an iPad for two years in school but switched to a MacBook instead. I don't have an iMac, so transferring files were a pain in the ass. Printing is also a pain in the ass if you don't have a bluetooth printer. I'm a nursing student, so I have to type fast to take notes. An iPad being a touchscreen device isn't really helping. I don't have a smart keyboard, however; I did have a bluetooth keyboard but it just took more space in my bag. I don't really need an apple pencil, I'd rather write on a paper using a normal pen. In addition, I also have online assignments. Doing them on an iPad is really buggy since it's a website and it has no app for apple.

    All of these cons are the reason why I switched to a MacBook. It's portable, and I can do anything with it. (well since I only really need it for typing notes, printing them, sending emails, and doing online homework.)

  5. Roberto Ramirez says:

    I have two schools (so that’s great) luckily they both start pretty late, one starts on sep 6th and the other one on the 15th !

  6. Lukas T says:

    MacBook all the way!
    I mean saying the best combo is iMac + iPad Pro is 1. saying the MacBook wins over the iPad and 2. the MacBook Pro in that case is BY FAR the way cheaper option than this combination. Get a Logitech keyboard and mouse and a laptop stand and you almost get an iMac like experience at home as well.

  7. Anthony Kamber says:

    Hey Nikias,
    Really interested in buying the classic by D and since I have small wrists, could you tell me how big the band is for the 42 mm size. eg 140 mm – 165 mm.

    Thanks Ante

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