MacExperience is closing. Here is where you get your broken Apple products fixed

Whether a person cracks their computer’s retina display, can’t charge their phone or needs to recover lost data, a broken device is a stressful burden.

With local repair shop MacExperience closing, residents may feel at a loss when they need their Apple devices fixed. But, Bloomington still has local and quick options for those in need of tech help.

MacExperience is closing?

The local Apple authorized repair and service shop permanently closed its doors July 15 after 20 years of service. Mac computers, iPhones, iPads and most other Apple products could be brought in for repair at the store in the 1000 N. Walnut St. strip mall.

“We’ve loved serving the community down there,” sales and marketing director Joshua Read said. “It’s really fun working down here. The people are just a little more laid back and are really good to work with and work for.”

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The financial stress of the pandemic still weighed heavy on the Bloomington location. With the pandemic keeping students largely off campus, Read said their local following was not enough to keep the store open.

“It’s just been just slowly bleeding and bleeding,” he said. “The strain that COVID put on that location just made it hard to keep it afloat.”

MacExperience still has a location in Indianapolis. Read said they plan to shift the business to more in-home technology services, such as setting up a home firewall or connecting devices to each other.

Though it will no longer have a storefront, Read said MacExperience is not turning away Bloomington business or striking down the potential to one day reopen.

What does it mean for a repair store to be an Apple-authorized service provider?

This status means the business works with Apple to repair products. It can mail devices in for Apple technicians to work on or have genuine parts sent to their location.

This status is important if you plan to use AppleCare or other Apple warranties. Non-affiliated companies cannot honor a warranty.

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Those providers are required to have Apple Certified…