MacKeeper Can Keep An Apple Mac Secure, Fast And Lean


Protect Your Access to the Internet

I’ve been using Apple Macs for around 25 years now. For much of that time, the market share of Macs was minuscule. However, times have changed and the macOS platform has boomed in recent years and has a much larger share of the computing market. That’s good news but the downside is that Macs have become more of a tempting target for the kind of people who spend their time creating viruses, trojans and malware.   

The days when Macs were immune from viruses and other nasties are well and truly over. The threats targeting Macs are growing, while Windows threats are shrinking. Malware aimed at macOS has increased 165% year on year. Some 230,000 new malware samples are produced each day and the number is growing. An incredible 7 out of every 10 malware payloads now contain ransomware. The days of innocence in the Apple garden are long gone. 

MacKeeper 5 is a software package developed for Mac users by Mac users. It’s designed to protect a Mac against online threats, plus it has optimization tools that can scan a Mac for adware, junk files, duplicate files, unused apps. It also has an impressive suite of tools for optimizing a Mac’s performance. 

The developers behind MacKeeper claim that it is the only security and optimization suite developed exclusively for Macs. I’m not sure that is correct as I currently use the excellent CleanMyMac from MacPaw Inc as well as MacCleaner 2 Pro. That said, MacKeeper claims to have its coding optimized for macOS so that it won’t slow Macs down. It also has a convenient UI that feels natural to Mac users. These are all things that the developers of CleanMyMac and MacCleaner 2 Pro also claim.   

A few other reasons MacKeeper says is in its favor is the fact it’s been…