Malicious apps discovered in Samsung Galaxy Store

If you own an Android, any number of apps can be risky — especially if you download them through unofficial sources. Some pose a danger to your data, and could quietly install malware on your phone.

Even the official Google Play Store doesn’t catch everything. Tap or click here for details on Android apps caught stealing users’ banking information.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you’ll see it has its own Samsung app store that’s separate from Google Play. You might even assume apps on that store are put through similar security checks to prevent malicious software from getting through. That’s apparently not the case, and you should exercise caution before downloading any of these sneaky apps.

Here’s the backstory

Malware has been, and always will be, an ever-growing threat to mobile phone and computer users alike. Cybercriminals hide malicious code in mobile apps and then release them to app stores. Once downloaded to unsuspecting victims, the malware can steal a wealth of personal information.

In a rather ironic twist, the latest malware found on the Samsung Galaxy Store is cloned versions of a notorious film and TV show piracy streaming app — an app you shouldn’t be using anyway. Discovered by Android Police, there are apparently at least five cloned versions of the Showbox app.

Some, but not all, of the fake apps will trigger a warning from Google’s Play Protect when installed on a mobile device. Through Android Police’s investigation, they found that the applications “request more permissions than you’d expect, including access to contacts, call logs and the telephone.”

The real Showbox app has come under fire many times and has been either removed from official apps stores or had their services disrupted. The app is used to illegally stream the latest blockbuster films and TV shows – although officially, it has denied that on multiple occasions.

What you need to know

While the Samsung Galaxy Store is considered an official source for Android apps, you still need to use caution…