Malware Alert! Scammers Are Now Using Fake Verified Facebook Pages To Spread Malicious Links

For a long time, Meta has been working to prevent fraudsters from posing as legitimate companies on Facebook pages. However, only lately, a new sort of fraud has been discovered in which freshly hacked sites carried advertisements permitted by Meta that were loaded with malware.

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Many of these accounts seemed legitimate and had names like ‘Meta Ads’ or ‘Meta Ads Manager,’ despite the fact that they were imitating Facebook, which makes these accounts simple to recognize in most cases.

According to a report published by TechCrunch, these advertisements were discovered for the first time by a market analyst by the name of Matt Navarra on Twitter. The advertisements had links that requested users to click on the link and install tools that are most likely malicious software.

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Some hackers also placed advertisements on verified sites, altering the page name to ‘Google AI’ and inserting a link to Google Bard, the company’s artificial intelligence chatbot, in the post. These hacked verified sites range anything from a few thousand to many tens of thousands, and some of them even have millions of followers. It is still unknown how these stolen sites were able to alter their identities without gaining approval from the company’s system, despite the fact that Meta has deactivated all accounts that Navarro shared with the group. A new investigation by Meta shows that fraudsters have been attracting users of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook by distributing links to applications that give them access to artificial intelligence chatbot tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard. This comes as interest in AI tools such as ChatGPT has surged in recent years.