Malwarebytes vs. ESET: Which anti-malware solution is best for you?


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If you’ve been trying to decide which anti-malware tool is best for your needs, you’ve come to the right place. This resource summarizes two of the top anti-malware solutions: Malwarebytes and ESET.

malwarebytes v ESET
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Before we jump into it, let’s go over what anti-malware solutions do. These products help users protect their operations by monitoring their data for potential issues. In doing so, the tools identify threats that can lead to further problems, such as ransomware viruses and other dangers. By utilizing anti-malware solutions, users can rest easy knowing that the data transferred between their networks are monitored to protect their organizations.

Now, let’s look at some of the features to look for in an anti-malware tool and see how Malwarebytes and ESET stack up in comparison.

Which has better monitoring and detection?

Malwarebytes provides its users with health and suspicious activity monitoring as a part of its Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response. Through the use of machine-learning models, cloud-based analysis, and suspicious activity detection, it monitors aspects of user systems, including their network activity, registry and file system. A nice aspect of this monitoring is how it is easily communicated to users, providing them with context about each detection under its Suspicious Activity screen to determine the severity of the activity for themselves. Users can also customize their settings for scheduled scans and fine-tune them for their specific needs. This solution can even monitor apps that get installed unintentionally on users’ gadgets. However, this feature is only available for Chromebooks and Androids.

ESET identifies threats before they materialize, with the ESET Enterprise Inspector. This tool performs checks for potential risks daily. Of course, some viruses can be tricky, so ESET’s Exploit blocker also identifies and blocks any viruses that are explicitly designed to pass by undetected.

Another nice perk of ESET’s monitoring is its efficiency with performing system scans. Its Cloud-Powered Scanning tool whitelists safe files and excludes them from future scans, saving…