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  1. Surya.D Sathyamoorthy says:

    microsoft evolved as an os for pc but they developed windows for tablet also

  2. Name Games says:

    You need to change:
    OS X El Capitan
    OS X Sierra
    OS X High Sierra
    OS X Mojave

    iOS 13

    Watch OS 6/5.3

    iPad OS



    Windows 10

    [Ended support for Windows Mobile]

    Windows Server 2019

  3. Tho H. Ho says:

    – 1998 Apple logo looks a lot like the current one.

    – 95 to XP was the best Windows era, otherwise they always look bloat and 5 years behind.
    – 2012 was the year Microsoft turned wrong. They traded-off productivity to adopt Windows Phone UX on all devices, everything was broken like your PC turned into an XBox with adwares.

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