Moody Mouse

Our source claims to have actually used this mouse. The basics are that the mouse has sensors to detect a users emotion from heartbeat, perspiration, and mouse handling etc. The software then responds by changing the screen color/background image, mouse icon, and sounds according to the users mood as perceived by the mouse feedback. It also has an option to learn how you use a mouse and then can react and operate the mouse as you would and then “foresee” your actions and complete those actions for you.

Seems our source thinks this would be great for gamers because once the mouse learns your moves in a game you can then speed up those learned reactive moves in the options panel and have the mouse take over in one-on-one games. In first person shoot-em ups your emotional state during a game would allow you instant access to a weapons panel and according to your level of “excitement” more powerful weapons would automatically attach to your character.

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