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  1. Adrian Gonzalez says:

    thank you for this video! yesterday while i was smoking a cigarette in my private jet with the window down, somehow my iphone x just flew out of my hand. Short story it didn't survive, now i know what case i need btw im unsubscribing

  2. Isaac D says:

    I’m very clumsy always have a screen protector and otter box defender drop my phone all the time and I’ve never broken and iPhone in the case

  3. Calvin Martin says:

    50 Ft drop isn't realistic ear level and ower would give you a more realistic test bro I hope no one is that clumsy to drop their phone from 50 Ft

  4. Jaxon Woodward says:

    I like your channel but your spoiled all those phones you broke someone could have

  5. Odin Heferen says:

    Technically if you drop the phones with a screen protector it is testing the durability of the screen protector.

  6. juntao yang says:

    Dude got a tip for you next time you should try the ones who look strong first so when they survive you save phones
    If you think I’m right click this

  7. Calla Chow Degeorge says:

    i swear none of these cases will work on my phone i think I've had at least 10 phones and have broken it more than 20 times

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