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  1. Alex from TheManWithA67SSOfTheNight says:

    The iBook g3 clamshell shot battery problem is quite common. The batteries are very unreliable on those machines

  2. Adriano Arruguetti says:

    I just loved your channel! It brings me so many nostalgia :) Please make an iMac G4 video. What can you do with it today? Congrats on your great channel!

  3. J Apple says:

    Nice video's mate! i have also a channel (dutch) about apple and like your video's like your editing!

  4. theerawat khajorn says:

    Hi iTek,

    I have iMac G3 Snow and white plastic turned from white to yellow.
    Do you know how to make it white again?
    I saw your computers are all so clean.

    Thank you in advance

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