My old computer had to be reconfigured, how can I put the songs on my ipod on my new computer’s itunes?

Apple Computer Tech deafiesrock asked:

I bought my ipod about 2 years ago (The warranty is finished so I can’t call apple tech support without paying for it), It was “connected” to my itunes on my dell computer. This computer is now dead, and had to be reconfigured. I haven’t updated my ipod in about a year. Now I have a new macbook and want to use the itunes. The only options it gives me when I plug in my ipod is, I can transfer all itunes purchases to this itunes, or i can erase all the music to match the itunes. Neither of these options suit me and I can’t de-authorize the ipod on the other computer because the itunes is long gone. How can I switch my ipod to this computer, while keeping all my music?

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  1. Matt says:

    when you plug your ipod into your macbook click on transfer purchases, it will move the songs on your ipod to the macbook’s itunes

    Then click store in the menu bar and click Authorize computer.

    Then you should be able to play them on your macbook and then just sync them back to your ipod

    hope it works

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