Nasa engineer sparks debate about wages after applying for part-time jobs at Apple and Tiffany


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Nasa engineer reveals why she is applying for part-time jobs at Tiffany & Co and Apple (TikTok / @sexybabypartygirl)

Nasa engineer reveals why she is applying for part-time jobs at Tiffany & Co and Apple (TikTok / @sexybabypartygirl)

A Nasa engineer has sparked a debate about wages and the costs of living in the US after revealing that she was in the process of applying to part-time jobs at Tiffany & Co and Apple.

Kelly, a TikTok user who lives in Houston, Texas, and goes by the username @sexybabypartygirl on TikTok, documented her interview experience with the jewellery brand on the app, where she began: “I am a Nasa engineer and I’m applying for a job at Tiffany, part time. And I have my interview in 40 minutes.”

Kelly then showed off the outfit she chose for the interview, which consisted of a simple black dress and black heels and which she said she hoped was “on-brand,” before explaining that the store location she applied to work for was in the Galleria mall in Houston.

After showing brief clips from inside Tiffany, the Nasa employee revealed that she had gotten the job as an “operations … person” and will be making $20 an hour, while noting in the caption that she also had an interview set up with the Apple store.

Kelly’s video, which has since been viewed more than 3.1m times, prompted an outpouring of confused responses from viewers, with many wondering why she has to get another job on top of her career at Nasa.

“Soo even Nasa doesn’t pay that well?” one person asked, while another said: “If someone who works at Nasa needs a second job I have no hope for my future.”

Someone else added: “A Nasa engineer needs a part-time retail job yet people are still not taking the wage crisis seriously.”

Others were surprised to find out how much Tiffany pays its employees, with another person writing: “They only pay $20 an hour [at Tiffany]?! Jeez we have such a wage problem in this country, it’s insane.”

In the comments, Kelly revealed that she was hoping to make more money so that she could visit her family in Wisconsin more frequently.

In a follow-up video, the Nasa engineer also addressed some of the comment she’d received from viewers, with Kelly beginning by explaining that she “likes” her job at Nasa and that employees get “paid well,” but…