Need an RSS Reader for iPhone, iPad, or Mac? Get NetNewsWire

NetNewsWire RSS Reader

If you’re looking for a great no-nonsense RSS reader for your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, then you’ll find NetNewsWire is an excellent choice. You can add as many RSS feeds as you’d like, and scanning through them is easy no matter what device you’re using. And if you’re on an iPhone or iPad, you can even add a handy RSS feed Home Screen widget. NetNewsWire is also free, making it the best free RSS reader for iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

For the unfamiliar, RSS readers allow you to keep track of a variety of websites article feeds and publications all from a single source, allowing you to quickly scan the news or latest content from sites that you want to follow. If you find yourself checking out many different sites for their articles, an RSS reader makes this much easier, since you can scan through them all from the RSS reader app. Many power-users rely on RSS readers, though they’ve fallen out of favor for some users who would rather just follow a sites content through social media.

Downloading NetNewsWire for Mac, iPhone, iPad

Don’t forget to add to NetNewsWire if you download it, and you’ll be able to keep track of our latest articles from there too.

Adding RSS Feeds to NetNewsWire

To add a website RSS feed to NetNewsWire on Mac, iPhone, or iPad:

  1. From the NetNewsWire app, click the + plus button (on iPhone tap back to “Feeds” then tap the + plus button)
  2. Enter the URL of the website where you want to pull the RSS feed from (for example, has an RSS feed)
  3. Click “Add”
  4. Adding an RSS feed to NetNewsWire

  5. Repeat for other RSS feeds you’d like to add

NetNewsWire for iPhone and iPad will pull the full RSS feed from any site that is offering it (which most sites publishing article do), has a webkit window to visit the full site article for partial RSS feeds, and offers the familiar Safari reader mode for tidying up the reading experience, while NetNewsWire for Mac will also pull the RSS feed, but launch into the Safari app for reading the full article from shortened RSS feeds.

If you’re curious about the interface, here are a few screenshots for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone version. The app is similar across all of the Apple OS platforms, so if you get used…