New Apple Details Reveal Latest iPhone Success


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One. Billion. iPhones. It’s a nice number, and with a nice number like that, Apple can do a lot more than any brand new smartphone on the block (Hello, XDA Developers’ Pro1-X). But the biggest winner might be the hundreds of millions of native iPhone users.

The headline number comes from research by Above Avalon’s Neil Vybart

“According to my estimate, Apple surpassed the billion iPhone users milestone last month. Thirteen years after going on sale, the iPhone remains the perennial most popular and best-selling smartphone. Competitors continue to either shamelessly copy iPhone or, at a minimum, be heavily influenced by the iPhone. Looking ahead, Apple’s top priorities for the iPhone include finding ways to keep the device at the center of people’s lives while at the same time recognizing the paradigm shift ushered in by wearables. ” 

Naturally one billion devices is great news for Apple, but it’s also great news for those who are part of Apple’s ecosystem. There are some ‘big ticket’ items where the volume of devices makes a difference.

First of all are apps. While the debates about which is the better platform out of Android and iOS, what is not up for debate is that both of the mobile operating systems have the apps that consumers want. In terms of the platform choice, I would rate Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform (especially Windows Phone 8) to be a superior experience; but Windows Phone was lacking application support. Even the provisions of Facebook and Twitter were weak in the day.

Without the voluminous install base, there was little reason for even the major apps to work on a Windows Phone version unless they were supported in another way.

The iOS platform (and the Android platform) is here to stay for a number of years. Even if Apple disappeared tomorrow it would ®main an incredibly attractive platform to support.

It’s not just app developers that welcome a platform…