New Apple Documents Confirm Advanced MacBook Pro Features

The benchmarks and raw processing power fo Apple’s new M1-powered MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops have been eaten up by the geekerati, Tim Cook’s slow and methodical strategy means that the new MacBooks are physically no different to the Intel-based MacBooks that were launched earlier in 2020.

There’s no Buck Rogers for your bucks yet although the potential is there. And that potential has grown once more.

New details on what Apple is considering for its laptops have been published. In a patent titled “Device Having Integrated Interface System”, Apple details a new style of keyboard that could be both detachable and have capacative touch sensors, as well as a wireless charging pad to top up portable devices. Jack Purcher reports, starting with the keyboard:

“…a possible futuristic MacBook that includes a transparent, dielectric input surface integrated with the enclosure of the device that could be formed at least partially from glass, ceramic and/or a plastic. The design will allow the face of the MacBook to support either a virtual keyboard or a physical keyboard that could magnetically align and attach to the keyboard area. The keys would also be able to receive touch inputs so that the user could draw a line or other figure simply by touching the screen in touch mode.”

The patent builds on techniques and methods previously published in September 2020. It’s clear that Apple’s R&D team are working towards a clear vision for the next generation hardware.

Looking through the rest of Apple’s device portfolio and you can see the other side of the coin. The iPhone range has offered wireless charging capabilities for some time, but the iPhone 12 family upped the ante by adding in magnetic capture under the recycled ‘MagSafe’ branding. Conceivably this could allow for any MacBook to only offer MagSafe charging and…