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  1. Duarte Menezes says:

    The homepod looks like a toilet roll and the echo looks like a pringles tin plus the max looks like a giant loaf of bread

  2. Evan Budrow says:

    I wish u could ask HomePod more advanced questions. It can only answer very simple questions when others like the Google Home can almost answer anything you ask it

  3. shuffle 1 says:

    If only the HIFI subscription for tidal was cheaper.would blow every music streaming service out of the water.

  4. Will Lee says:

    How do I get HomePod Siri to play my subscribed Podcasts?  I've not been successful.  So far it selects some unknown Podcast in some strange foreign language, that I’ve never subscribed to, and isn’t in my iTunes. 

    And how do I get HomePod to play the ripped (CD collection) music that I have on my iMac iTunes?  

    I can stream my song collection via iTunes Airplay, but Siri won't allow me to pick specific songs.  I want to be able to pick and choose the songs inside my iTunes collection.  Can HomePod do this? 

    I don't want to subscribe to Apple Music, since all songs that I want to listen to is, is already in  my iMac, iTunes songs. So far, the only music HomePod will play are four the songs that I purchased on iTunes. 


  5. Pitbull Platinum says:

    The product team probably expects Apple users to use their watches. Unlike other smart speakers, Apple has built a pretty comprehensive ecosystem. This device is more of a high quality speaker than a smart speaker, right now. Truth is, software can be updated—a lot is coming. I also think it’s typical Apple to finish the hardware first, and expand the software with a consumer base that appreciates the hardware.

  6. Shahed Kamal says:

    It's a very dishonest and Biased review, with all respect I would ask you to see the review of MKBHD and learn something about honesty, you should give people proper information otherwise it proves that you are paid by apple

  7. Baron Of Hell says:

    I have seen a couple of reviews of this. I think apple really dropped the ball on this one. Other reviewers were even having problems getting it to work apple products. One review was on hold with apple for hours and they never got back to him.

  8. Jonathan Hansen says:

    Because of the cost comparison, I would have liked to see it reviewed against the Sonos One.

  9. Raghav Gupta says:

    Don't activate personal requests. Homepod doesn't have voice recognition. Anyone can say hey Siri and read your messages or send messages from your phone.

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