New Apple iPhone iOS software update causes flurry of complaints


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One of the biggest changes to iOS to date has sparked a flurry of complaints from users.

Apple recently released iOS 15.1 and its improved operating system includes a range of new features including the ability to listen to music with others, using playlist sharing, and even watch TV and movies together.

iPhone 12 users will find better estimates of battery capacity, thanks to updated battery algorithms, while users of the iPhone 13Pro can now record professional-looking videos and can turn off the auto-macro feature to take impressive close-up photos.

The update has also fixed some annoying little bugs that have affected photo storage, WiFi, the Wallet app, and photo storage.

Screen notifications also look different thanks to new icons.

However, as reported by the Bristol Post, one change that has sparked debate among iPhone users has been the relocation of the URL bar in Safari from the top to the bottom of the screen.

While the change to the URL bar was actually made earlier this year, with the release of iOS 15, people who’ve only just updated their phone will only now be noticing the changes. The redesign is intended to make it easier for users to reach the URL bar when browsing on their phones.

Some iPhone owners took to Twitter to complain about the change.

Nicolette Ray said: “Just realized the new iPhone update made safari place its url bar on the BOTTOM of the screen. What monster…????”

User Pratiti agreed: “Omg I HATE the address bar at the bottom on the new iPhone update Apple whyyyy”.

Another user complained: “The new iphone update changed what notifications look like and moved the safari search bar to the bottom i feel like someone came to my house and rearranged my kitchen.”

Some users have also complained that they’ve struggled to connect to Bluetooth devices using their iPhone since the update, making it difficult to use devices such as AirPods.

Sammy J Dow wrote: “My phone was working just fine yesterday. I update to iOS 15 and now my AirPods won’t connect to my iPhone. @Apple better get it together ASAP or we gone have a real problem!”

Only users of iPhone 6S, released 2015, or newer phones will be affected by the update. Also, you’ll need an…