New Apple Leak Highlights Stunning MacBook Pro Decision


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Updated March 14th: article originally posted March 11th

As this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference approaches, Apple is expected to reveal not just the next-generation Apple Silicon in the M3 family but new hardware to show off the latest chipset. This is likely to be the MacBook Air, in the traditional 13-inch size but also perhaps a 15-inch model as well. The former will be welcomed by many and the latter has been an unreachable desire for many years.

But leaks this week suggest that Apple has another laptop for the M3 silicon launch… a MacBook model that has proven to be awkward, out of place, and redundant since it arrived in 2020.

Why is Apple continuing with the 13-inch MacBook Pro?

Update: Monday March 13th: What makes little sense is that Apple is continuing to manufacture and sell this MacBook Pro, while putting more and more corporate weight behind the MacBook Air.

Long-time Apple reporter Chris Matyszczyk has been noting the change in Apple’s market strategy of late, with a push towards the MacBook Air. This weekend he highlighted where Apple’s iPhone marketing prowess is fading, and the resulting increased excitement for Apple’s consumer laptops:

“Just imagine the marketing possibilities now, though. Each new Air will get a new number. It’ll distinguish them. It’ll encourage more people to get the latest one. Just to have the latest number. And what if, each year, the physical design gets slightly altered? Oh, is that an M4? I feel so bad, I’ve only got an M3.”

All that marketing power is going into the MacBook Air… not the 13-inch MacBook Pro which is allegedly the consumer-friendly version.

Updated March 14th: article originally posted March 11th

Update: Tuesday March…