New Apple Leak Reveals Massive iPhone 14 Design Shock


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Apple iPhone 14 leaks have already revealed some head turning upgrades, but new information has now revealed what is arguably the biggest shock so far. 

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In his new weekly Q&A with popular Apple site iDropNews, mysterious tipster LeaksApplePro has revealed that Apple is currently “considering adding a USB-C port to the next iPhone”. Following its steadfast refusal to move from Lightning, this U-turn would cause shockwaves across the tech world. 

“I have received new information that Apple could bring something to the iPhone that many people, myself included, have wanted for years,” explained the leaker. “I am talking about USB-C. That’s right. Apple is considering adding a USB-C port to the next iPhone. More specifically, to the Pro lineup.

LeaksApplePro also details what he states are Apple’s three primary motivations behind the move:

1. Faster transfer speeds to export the ProRes video 

Apple launched ProRes with the iPhone 13 range to give professional photographers and enthusiasts a RAW video format, but its file sizes are massive. One minute of 4K ProRes video creates a file of up to 13GB. This means storage is consumed so quickly it needs to be regularly offloaded, but the Lightning port is limited to measly 480Mbps (60MBps) whereas USB-C can hit 5Gbps (625MBps) — literally 10x as fast. 

2. Increasing legal pressure 

In recent months, the European Commission has passed new laws to force phone makers to use USB-C chargers and pressure is also expected to come from the Biden administration. Apple can attempt to fight this or circumvent it (such as providing adaptors in the box) but this could get ugly fast and do significant brand damage. 

3. Environment and ‘Pro’ Unification 

Circumventing USB-C rules by including a dongle would undermine Apple’s claims that it wants to protect the environment by reducing unnecessary accessories (a motivation it just recently used to justify removing chargers from iPhones). Conversely, moving to USB-C would have clear environmental benefits…