New Apple Watch For Christmas? 7 Tips To Make The Most Of It

So, Santa gave you the best smartwatch on the planet, did he? Read on for the best ways to make the Apple Watch your most effective and personal piece of technology.

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This being an Apple product, there’s precious little in the way of instructions in the box – though Apple’s Books app on iPhone, iPad and Mac yields an in-depth manual if you search for Apple Watch User Guide. It’s free, of course, and there are several versions, tied to appropriate watchOS versions. If you have the Apple Watch Series 3, SE or Series 6, then the version you want is for watchOS 7.2.

Tip 1: Set-up

You’ll need your iPhone ready and nearby to get started. It needs to be iPhone 6s or later to work with the latest Apple Watch models, and running iOS 14. You pair your Watch by turning on the Watch and bringing it near the iPhone. The iPhone will recognize the Watch is there and the screen will change so it shows a camera view (if it doesn’t, choose the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and choose Pair new Watch. The Watch screen will turn to a cool animation. Position this so the iPhone can see it and it’ll start connecting the two. Towards the end of this, you need to say whether you want to wear it on the left or right wrist, for instance.

You can set it up with using a password but, trust me, you want a password. With a password in place, you have the best iteration yet of Apple Pay. Just double-press the Side button that sits next to the Digital Crown to launch the payment system. In day when we’re wearing masks in stores, for instance, this is the simplest and quickest way to pay for stuff.

Note that you can avoid putting the password in every time you take the Watch on and off by simply unlocking your iPhone. Check that you have this setting activated: Apple Watch app > Settings > Passcode and ensure Unlock with iPhone is selected.

Your iPhone will have your details such as home address in your entry…