NEW How To JAILBREAK iOS 12 – 12.1.2 NO Computer iPhone 6 6 Plus 5S iPod Touch 6 iPad Air Mini 4 3 2

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  1. ifonerage says:

    Pointless jailbreak who the hell is still using a7 sos from 2013?. I give up on the jailbreak community, making a jailbreak for out dated version of iOS, is a little bit nonsensical.

  2. Lindokuhle Trevor says:

    I'm glad this guy unlock my iphone X, ;:'''::–'"°°•°•√√×÷π•||ππ•`he did unlock it in just 30 minutes he's legit and honest I trust him, you can text him 0n Instagram anonymous664400 or WhatsApp directly +1 7402393768 all thanks to him.

  3. Yoshiki Nanami says:

    First try! This is the first jailbreak I’ve used that successfully jailbroke in the first attempt.

  4. ReferToMeAsUsed YEET says:

    Yo Dino, I jail broke my iPad Air it worked! And I started to install tweaks then one of them was like the standard procedure but after clicking “restart springboard” it was stuck on the spinning wheel then I held both power and home button and it took me back to the lock screen so I went to open Cydia again but it crashes so I went to unc0ver the jailbreak app that you used and I clicked re-jailbreak and it crashed so I reinstalled it then it worked cydia opened but same thing I can’t install tweaks cause it gets stuck on the spinning wheel after clicking restart springboard I need help, anyone?

  5. Khurram M says:

    Dino, I’ve jailbroken on iOS 12.0 on an iPhone 6 and it’s working the only problem is My tweaks settings don’t show up in my normal settings and I’ve tried all the methods but they’ve all been unsuccessful. Btw tweakinject doesn’t show up in Filza. Hope you can make a video to help out. Cheers.

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