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  1. graham hewitt says:

    You went on and on and on, i just got board and looked els ware, im sorry for your friends, do you have any

  2. Allie's Animals says:

    Boi I still have the iPhone se,first generation iPad, iPad mini,first gen iPod

  3. William Gonzalez says:

    “What is the point of an Ipod now?”

    Anime Addict to keep your music and storage that you don’t want on your phone.
    To watch movies or other stuff while still being able to use your phone or if your phone is charging.
    To separate your games or social media accounts from your phone limiting your use of them so you can work more.
    To leave your phone at home while you’re out with family at amusement parks or vacation etc.
    to let your child use a device so you don’t have to give them your phone.
    I can keep going if you like

  4. Gracie Kate says:

    i’m watching on an iPod! like if u r watching on a phone and comment if u r watching on an iPad or iPod and also say what color

  5. DestroyerDeeya says:

    i have an ipod touch 6th generation, and if this new ipod actually comes out (and I don't get an actual phone by then), then I would definitely would want my parents to get that.

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