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  1. Ibrahima Bah says:

    It’s not iPad touch it iPod touch listen with your ears don’t talk too fast OK now just to do hon talk to you so you can as they say iPad touch

  2. Ibrahima Bah says:

    Just to remind you you actually said iPad touch it’s iPod touch not iPad just to movement you

  3. Levente Szabó says:

    Man what the hell, the whole point of it is to keep the old design, why the heck you want them to redesign the box or anything on this???
    This product is good as it is, it's not made to be a daily driver and to use it as your main device…
    Just think about this device and its history for a minute at least…

  4. Antony's Tech says:

    It is just annoying marketing of Apple. Both iPod touch have 1gb of ram so both would be compatible with iOS 13 but … Apple wants us to buy a new iPod

  5. Michael Chamorro says:

    I'll be waiting your comments on the $999 stand. I know you are a fan but also have a brain

  6. Juan Hernandez says:

    He said the back camera has a 1.2 megapixel the front is 1.2 megapixel the back is 8 megapixel

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