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  1. Joshua Baker says:

    i wish they would have at least brought it to the more techno side of apple with a iphone 10 esc screen or a iphone 8 style home button and a little etter camera bu its still good and i did have to pick one up lol

  2. Robert Donnan says:

    I thought it had Touch ID, even first gen ffs. What a let down, not that I was getting one I’m just saying in general.

  3. News4 U says:

    Hey Josh can you please make a video with The Best iOS versions and one with the Worst ones??? I really want to see a video cause there's no others that talk about worst and Best iOS versions.And I really enjoy your vids

  4. KD SWAGGER says:

    I've waited for the iPod Touch 7 for several years, but I was hoping it included a 10 MP camera instead of an 8 MP camera and a 4K video, but I'll take this over my 80 GB iPod Classic. This is great for a second device just to play music and not drain your phone battery.

  5. Craig Mack says:

    Just selling it at $205 they could have upped the front facing camera to 5mp and added gen1 touch id

  6. asiandoestech says:

    Why would anyone recommend this for kids? How is not having the ability to call going to make a huge difference?

  7. Hersses says:

    Why people compare this with the iPhone . I know iPhone is better option but some time you need another device for music check email or quick picture . So many people buy this device for sure.

  8. V1Gibby says:

    It also has 2gb if ram instead of 1gb. Edit: processor is an underclocked A10 to retain previous battery times and heat dissipation levels.

  9. 32 bit link says:

    It is not a new version it is only just a spec update I would call it the iPod 6.5

  10. Noah R says:

    A better screen, new design, more storage for less and I probably would have gotten it

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