New MacBook Leak Reveals Apple’s Disappointing Decision

Updated May 21st: article originally posted May 20th.

Apple’s decision to delay the launch of the M3 Apple Silicon into 2024, widely reported this week, leaves those looking for a new macOS laptop in a bit of a quandary. Apple’s choices have been disappointing in this regard. Should consumers wait and see Apple’s offerings next year, or be satisfied with the current portfolio and invest a not-insignificant amount of money?

Update: Sunday May 21st: While there may be some questions on the suitability of any MacBook purchased at the moment, Apple will be hoping that a significant number of customers will be lured in by the first 15-inch screen on the MacBook Air, much like the first large-screened iPhone 6 Plus opened up a logjam of demand.

As WWDC approaches, Tim Cook and his team have made to call to start building up significant stock on the new macOS laptop to prepare for that spike in the market. Joe Rossignol reports:

“In a research note on Friday, obtained by MacRumors, Morgan Stanley analyst Erik Woodring said Quanta Computer guided for high single-digit percentage growth in the number of notebooks it assembles in the second quarter of 2023, compared to the first quarter. Woodring believes this increase is driven in part by new MacBooks.”

With MacBook sales slowing, the hope in Cupertino will be that many are waiting for the long-trailed larger MacBook Air.

Right now, any purchase is at the very end of a tech cycle. Apple has a number of technical innovations coming to its laptop platform for the next generation. Its investment in microLED display…