New Malware Targeting Apple Has Infected 30,000 M1 Devices


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Is Silver Sparrow a serious threat?

Fortunately for users of Apple’s M1 devices, the malware doesn’t appear to be an immediate threat. Despite the massive infection rate, the reported stated that no action has been taken yet, which means there’s nothing to worry about… for now.

“Though we haven’t observed Silver Sparrow delivering additional malicious payloads yet, its forward-looking M1 chip compatibility, global reach, relatively high infection rate, and operational maturity suggest Silver Sparrow is a reasonably serious threat, uniquely positioned to deliver a potentially impactful payload at a moment’s notice,” wrote Tony Lambert of Red Canary in the report.

The fact that Apple’s M1 devices are just a few months old and already have a prominent malware attack taking aim is certainly concerning. The report warns that the lack of visible attacks doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t dangerous. Rather, it could mean that the malware is advanced enough to know when it’s being analyzed, and shuts down operations until it isn’t.

Generally speaking, no malware is best, which means that Silver Sparrow represents enough of a threat to make an effort to protect yourself. But how?