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  1. TheTacticalDefender says:

    Just bought my first Apple product, a Macbook Pro! Very impressed thus far. Was looking for videos to help with the learning curve, came across this video and I feel like a pro now. LOL Thank you for the amazing tutorial and the fact that you are absolutely hilarious! Seriously, you're making this fun! Thank you and much respect to you and yours. SUBBED!!!!!

  2. Leah Blase says:

    David, what cd drive do you recommend to use with the Mac? I was thinking somewhere in your video you recommended one, but I am unable to find where you recommended one and the cd drive is not recommended on your tech talk America website.

  3. Mr M says:

    Very informative! I shifted from PC to Mac and this is just so easy to understand. Thank you for doing this. I look forward to more classes with you.

  4. Jerry Crockrell says:

    Hey David, just viewed your class on new to Mac. Thank you for teaching this class really learnt a lot. I also bookmarked you for Amazon purchase.

  5. Nydia Rivera says:

    I am new to Mac book Air. So I have u on my tv listening and taking note. Thank u. What a big difference from the other to Mac book air. So from now on u will b my teacher when I get lost. Lol. I am looking to learn also how to do things like sign on etc. Hoping all those videos r there. Thank u Dave.

  6. Zealous Zed says:

    Thanks David for a great tutorial and the link to your website, full of great resources. I wish you all the best!

  7. Fazah Bulengela says:

    Adobe refuses to render to High Street how to do it. i reisntall again and re-install the adobe cc 2018 stays well the only problem in the render it reflects the problem encountered requires to shut down a programe and re-opening what can I fix this

  8. Rayma Halloran says:

    Thank you! Very helpful! But when I went to your website to buy the printer you recommended, TTA wasn’t there. I went to Prod Recommendations and then it led me to Amazon. I hope your company was credited.

  9. Anne Balliro says:

    Learnt a lot and Laughed too…especially at the Porn privacy section, I want to thank you so very much for this amazing tutorial and I will be watching lot more tutorials. YOU are amazing thank you. xoxo

  10. LuLaRoe Kim deRoos says:

    David, What a GREAT help this video was for me ~ Thank you!! I just purchased my first MAC today and found you!! :-)

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