Next Apple Event could have NEW iPad Pros + Cheaper HomePods

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  1. Martin Holm says:

    The HomePod didn’t sell well because it was just for Apple Music and didn’t support Bluetooth music steaming. And it was only sold in the US

  2. David Gill says:

    Reading all the comments and I'm still in two minds about getting the ipad pro 11 or getting the new one if they come out…but it seems I'd be better waiting till the ipad pro 11 goes down in price

  3. Wil H says:

    Home pod is for sound bar users…

    I’m a gamer an theatre type guy have to have my 7.2 surround sound…

    I’d like too see a demo/test of your or partner showing you could replace your satellite speaker with 2/3 home pod speakers an connect them to av receiver over WiFi if good I’d invest in a set…

  4. Anthony Martin says:

    Too bad for Apple if they update the iPad Pro in 2019. I won’t buy it because it is too soon. And I won’t buy it in 2020, either because then it will be old. So that means I won’t replace it until whatever they offer in 2021 or after. Had they skipped this 2019 version, I might would have been interested in upgrading in 2020. It feels like they will get less money from me. And who cares about a triple-lens camera on an iPad?

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