Nine Weather Apps To Make You Forget Apple Killed Dark Sky

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Screenshot: Carrot Weather

This weather app injects your weather report with a touch of personality. You can select which personality Carrot Weather has from a list of options, from Professional to Overkill. The first will remove any banter, while the latter is akin to the treatment you’d receive at a Dick’s Last Resort restaurant. In other words… think rude.

“Overkill” includes profanity and allows you to choose the level of political commentary your app gives you, which includes Apolitical, Centrist, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Communist, and Anarchist.

When selecting the Overkill option, the special weather statement greets you with, “Today is a perfect day to decide you would look cooler with one eye instead of two.” Each reload of the site shows a new comment, such as “The sun is fucking bright,” or “Fuck your sun, fuck your planet, and fuck you.”

The Snarky personality is slightly toned down with comments like, “Today is a perfect day to defeat your archenemy” or “It’s so nice out, but you’ll probably get stung by a bee.”

Users have access to daily temperatures, weather conditions, and future forecasts and can view the current moon phase and UV index.