‘No FIX, No FEE’ is Delhi-based startup Lappy Maker’s USP for MacBook & Laptop Repair Services


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Delhi-based startup Lappy Maker, founded by woman entrepreneur Shivani Tyagi, offers hassle-free, doorstep, premium yet affordable MacBook and laptop repair services. Computer and Mobile devices have become an essential part of our day-to-day life. We are dependent on them for both personal and professional work. For being connected to the world, we need a working system and internet. If there is any issue in the device whether laptop or mobile, our important work is affected majorly.

Lappy maker is one of its kind stores opened in Nehru Place, New Delhi which provides quality MacBook repair services at doorstep without any visiting or diagnosis charges. Shivani Tyagi, founder of Lappy Maker is a young woman entrepreneur. Her aim to serve people with premium repair services at an affordable price is really amazing and creative. She said that her vision is to bridge the gap between a local repair shop and authorised service centers by providing certified spares, expert technicians with assured warranty extending upto one year. The team’s vision is to offer their services all over India and they have even launched a repair center in Gurugram, Haryana.

The idea for Lappy Maker evolves from her own experience of challenges that she faced herself. When she went to the authorised service center to get her device fixed, the price quoted was too high which made her visit a local repair shop but she couldn’t find any MacBook technician. So the last option she was left with was to visit Nehru Place. But when she went over there, she was cheated by a repair shop.

It made her realize that people need reliable sources for getting their devices fixed and they don’t want to waste their precious time on finding expert engineers. It inspired the idea of doorstep services without any diagnosis or visiting charges. So if anyone needs a technician to fix their device, they can easily schedule a visit at home.

As far as doorstep service is concerned, 90% of issues could be fixed at home including motherboard, OS and SSD installation, battery, screen and keyboard replacement. For motherboard related…